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Life is full of opportunities and Theresa wants to help you as find your way down this journey. She has learned that with personal growth life becomes more clear and abundant. Her goal is to give you opportunity for growth personally as well enhancing our physical and emotional health and a cleaner environment. If this intrigues you and you are ready to take a chance on what life has to offer, simply fill out the contact form below or click join us to start living the life the way God has intended for you.

About Theresa

Theresa was first introduced to Young Living while doing massage in a clinic in 1999. The oils fit right into that culture. Later as a mom Young Living had a new purpose! Using the oils and supplements made a huge difference in healthier skin for her children.

Even though her husband Chris called her a “Snake Oil Salesman” he later seen the benefit of oils in having a healthier digestive system. Today she has better health for her family using chemical free products that are safe to use around her children and dog.

Income opportunity so Theresa could keep staying home with her two children. Now Young Living is so much more then what it can do for her family but what we can together do for your family.


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